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HEIDELBERG, CD 102-5-LX,2007
Referenz-Nr. 6723 Baujahr: 2007    Format:720x1020   Druckzahl:170 Mio.
Ausstattung:CP2000: console for monitoring and control of the machine CP2000 Master Level: software license CP2000 Color Assistant: examines and optimizes all camera settings color CP2000 Instant Gate: online transfer of data from Prinect Prepress Interface to the Print Center, combining the functions of PresetLink and ManagementGate Preset Plus Feeder: new feeder with single tape aspiratedSteel plate on feederIonizatorsAntistaticElectronic control of double sheetsElectronic control of the sheet missing Pointing tape aspirated PhotocellsAutomatic ink regulation from CP2000Ink temperature controlAlcolor VARIO: dampening with speed compensationRefrigerator Technotrans with AlcolsmartAutomatic Washing of blankets, rollers and impression cylinders Autoplate: semi-automatic plate change Circumferential, assial and diagonal registersVarnish unit with TRESU systemPreset Plus Delivery: new delivery conceptX2: extended delivery with two modules (160 cm) and dryersPowder spray Weko AP262IR + Hot air combination dryersSteel plate on deliveryAirStar: centralized and soundproof cabin for the air pumps ScrollStar: Atlas Copco compressor CombiStar: inking unit temperature control Technotrans CAN and AlcolSmart, metering device of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) Drystar 3000 Combined IR / hot air PowderStar: device that optimizes the powder sprayRefrigeration Water-cooled